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End of the day update
This afternoon was pretty busy. I had a department meeting, immediately followed by a 2 hour class where I taught Microsoft InfoPath and SharePoint integration, immediately followed by a 45 minute meeting with our inventory department to help them design an inventory tracking system which accommodates incoming inventory orders and outgoing parts. WHEW.

I then took a few minutes to catch up with Brendan because he's going to Florida this weekend so that his parents can meet their new (month and half old) grandbaby. GL Brendan!

So I decided to go with TWO sonic grilled chicken sandwiches (w/o mayo) to help with my carb and protein intake. While it was really more food than I wanted, I think it helped me in the gym today. I pushed more today than I did on Monday in several areas and it felt really good.

Now I'm drinking my super super delicious post-workout protein shake and typing away! I need to come up with a meal for dinner but I have no idea what I'm going to eat. Probably some leftover grilled apricot chicken. NOM NOM!


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