Friends & Food
Went to Chick-fil-a last night. Had a great time. The kids had a blast and met David & Betty. They were super nice and bought a cool toy car for Trevor and a "ruff ruff" stuffed doggie for Audrey (complete in color-matching bags, of course!). The kids had a blast playing in the playground area and neither were super anxious to leave.

I also decided to sneak in a small cookies-n-cream milkshake. I probably shouldn't have but I was about 900 calories short on the day and even with the shake I was still about 40 cals short of my target (after late-night snacks). Not a regular thing but it was nice to delight my tastebuds.

I forgot to pack my lunch today so I'll probably be eating a grilled chicken sandwich from Sonic. I'm wondering if I should eat something else with it? Today is an upper body lift day and I think as long as I limit the fat I should be ok. A few extra carbs and extra protein can't hurt too badly, can they? CAN THEY??? I demand an answer! never thee mind.

I've contemplated getting one of the new iPhones but I really can't justify the cost. Yesterday a lady asked for advice on the comparative differences between a Windows-based laptop and a Macbook. Apparently her 18 year-old daughter is about to start college and people she knew have a Mac. The pretty, spiffy mac. Said daughter (read:parents) is on a limited budget and has been entranced by the beauty of the technical fruit company. She was ultimately advised to avoid the glamour and check out the lines of Netbooks available from many different manufacturers. Significantly cheaper and available in pink, the netbook route is a compact, affordable option that she will ultimately be much happier with.

If only social status didn't cost so much.

This morning I heard a guest on the radio just talking and then they asked him to sing. It turned out to be none other than Dennis DeYoung of Styx! Oh man he was fantastic. He plays piano beautifully too. (Here's a video for the curious: Styx Reunion Concert - Lady (Youtube)).

Not much new
Had a great workout yesterday. Got in 20-25 minutes of solid cardio and worked on the legs a fair amount. Finding ways to eat healthy too. I like it!

ps. fried mozzarella sticks are NOT on the list of healthy foods. :-(

Today is one of those days when everything is lost in a whirlwind of activity. Two classes this morning, two classes this afternoon. I also have quite a bit of project work to do. I wanted to post something here though....release, maybe?

A short internet video
Some talented people worked on this project. They have too much time on their hands.

Small update
I've started going to the gym. This isn't an exercise that I have routinely done in the past so this is particularly exciting. Today marks 7 days since my first foray into the weight room. We'll see how things go. I don't know what my goals are, exactly.

I want to lose some weight. I want some more strength. I want to be forced to start eating healthier. :P

I'm using gyminee (formerly, now to help me track everything. Brandon, if you read this, I sent you an email @gmail that I hope you get...

So yeah. Here we go.

Good deal
Here is a good deal on batteries:
100 pack of AAA Rayovac for $8.99

Internet Stuff
_geek_ (consider yourself warned)
At work, I'm trying to find ways to build "cooler" websites. Right now we use Microsoft SharePoint. SharePoint basically lets you store your data, files, etc online. It does much more than that, but the heart of SharePoint is holding your information.

SharePoint supports lots of types of documents. One of the things I'm looking into is creating interactive documents on SharePoint. Animations. Graphs. Charts. These kinds of things. I've found two main contenders:

Microsoft Silverlight and Adobe Flex.

I don't know if anyone who reads this knows anything about either one, but from what I've gathered they both do essentially the same thing. You know those little games on the internet that you can play? They likely use Adobe Flash. (you use Adobe Flex to create Adobe Flash files). Silverlight is a younger product, but has potential.

What does this mean? I'm going to see if I can't start developing stuff in these to make cool web applications and websites. We'll see.

Will the weather ever be cooperative at the right time of day? It certainly doesn't feel like it! I went for my deposition ... early last week? The week before that? Something like that.

I'm going to look into using to store my pictures. Anyone know the differences between them and Flickr?

Stalker kitty!
"Never lower your eyes to an enemy"

What about today?
Today is Monday. YAM. It seems that these hideous little beasts are always sneaking up on me. Must find a way to avoid them. Simply must.

I'm getting the itch to throw myself back into the online realm once again. I *think* this will be via a website, probably one which has a strong technical/geeky side and one which simply follows the more personal side.

My goal will be to use a small set of tools to update multiple sites at once. With so many different social portals available, updating them all at once would be a huge boon.

I've got all kinds of ideas running through my head about this...will any of it see daylight? Unlikely.

Random link:

Playing volleyball can be a painful experience when you haven't done it in nearly a year. This is your axiom for the day.

So this is what they do when they're bored...
onejdc -- Sheep Herders


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